The Adventure Chronicle


Logging off for a month. I know its hard to believe but Tony and I have both successfully, if you want to call it that, finished our teaching stints in Lam Luk Ka Thailand and have officially set out on our March vacation. Due to the intensity of the travel planned; posting will be halted until our return to a pemenant residence in April.

March 1st – March 14th
Tony and I will be taking a 20+ hour train heading south from Bangkok. We will arrive at Trang and find van or bus transportation to one of the port cities.

We will find a ferry to Ko Tarutao; the first island in the Tarutao National Park system. The plans from only involve camping and jumping between the islands in the national park until roughly the 14th at which point I will head back to Bangkok and Tony will cross into Malaysia for a new visa stamp.

March 16th – March 31st
I meet Hannah in Bangkok and head to Chiang Mai while Tony secures his new visa.

The plans from here are to rent motorcycles and ride the Mae Hong Song loop on which we will climb as many mountains as possible, camp in national parks, visit Karen hill tribes and Burmese Refugee camps, and meet back up with Tony. After the completion of the loop, we will ride north to Chiang Rai and from there out towards the Mekong until time forces us back towards Chiang Mai.


2 responses

  1. Tony Z, the elder

    Love the maps–as Auntie M might say, “bon voyage.”

    March 3, 2010 at 10:25 am

  2. Deb (auntie M's buddy)

    May you all be blessed with safety, strength, and joy on this enviable adventure!
    Happy trails!

    March 9, 2010 at 9:10 am

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