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Wat Worachetha Ram – Ayutthaya, Thailand

The small ruins of Wat Worachetha Ram rest just north of the Reclining Buddha on the eastern edge of Ayutthaya and are not as spectacular as many of the giant complexes that form this island city. Wat Worachetha Ram is made up of a lonely chedi and the remains of a temple holding a singular sitting Buddha. If searching for a large complex with massive prangs and descriptive signs, this is not the field to seek-out. Visitors might find themselves among a few Thais praying and laying offerings at the base of the Buddha and the peacefulness of a site in Ayutthaya free of tourists; a spot to relax and ponder.

Chedis in Thailand come in all shapes and styles, but the majority of those found in Ayutthaya, including the ones found here and Wat Phra Si Sanphet, were built in the ancient Khmer style between the fourteen and eighteenth centuries. The shapes of chedis built during this time period are bell-shaped and symbolize the spreading of Buddhism. Three leveled bases represent hell, earth, and heaven, and the spires mounted atop the structures represent the 33 Buddist heavens.


One response

  1. Mama

    i have observed a good deal of paying homage. are you leaning towards being buddhists? Tony, still an agnostic?

    February 23, 2010 at 7:17 pm

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