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As if You Needed Another Reason for a Holiday ‘Stache: Movember

So, you missed your opportunity to grow your ticket into St. Louis’s “Stache Bash;” Your better part wont let you sport facial hair for 3 months; or, you just need to put that magnificent asset to work, here is another reason to nurture that holiday ‘stache. ‘Movemeber’ an English speaking movement across that world that translates mustaches into charitable donations and partying. Men of ‘Movemeber’ are encouraged to grow the best 1 month mustache possible to raise funds and awareness for mens’ health (specifically cancer) and to compete in (and enjoy)  one of the end of the month super gala held around the world. Best mustache earns “Man of Movember” title and anyone who supports the Live Strong foundation is obviously already a winner (I mean seriously, Lance started it, Lance wins).

This is only pseudo travel related. If you weren’t interested in traveling to St. Louis, you may not be interested in the ‘Movember’ gala, but I thought it was worth mentioning because a) it promoted the growth of mustaches (the greatest things on the planet) and because b) the galas, held at multiple international locations, offered travel destinations of their own in a much larger and potentially more accessible array of places. Anyone who has yet to plan an entire trip around a party is missing out. So, shave the face, pull out the sweaters, and proudly flaunt your masterpiece in progress as you benefit charity in the month of November; you manly men you. Remember, the most interesting man in the world sported facial hair, so should you.

Remember that Riding Out the Economy is not only your number one resource for South East Asian Adventures, but also for the latest in Mustache Rationalization. Reason #341287: “Because Tom Selleck rocks one.”

The “Xmas 2009” ‘stache continues to grow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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