The Adventure Chronicle


In hopes of making following this blog even easier, we have upgraded!

To be notified of updates to the blog -the next episode, an amazing photo shoot, or any new text- take advantage of either of our two new features: “email subscription” and “RSS subscription.”

We vow that email addresses will not be sold to corperations or telemarketers, but do reserve the right to pass them off as ‘buyers’ lists to be sold to black market arms dealers. The email subscription link is just under the “most recent video” screen on the side bar.

With the amazing capabilities of today’s technology, you can keep up with us while still keeping the inbox clean- subscribing to our RSS feed can have posts streamed to your “reader” (I use google’s) instantaniously. To subscribe to the RSS feed, click the link under the poll and indicate which reader you use, the widget will do the rest!


One response

  1. Joe O'Keeffe

    This blog is the shit … keep it up guys

    December 9, 2009 at 1:50 am

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