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Travel Tidbit #1: Escaping the Heat and Hurry in St. Louis, Missouri

This is a piece I wrote previously for another site, but since we are getting lots of traveler traffic, here is a great tip for adventurers heading to St. Louis.


Frankly, the heat and humidity of St. Louis summer days is oppressive. To beat it, seek out the City’s Cathedral, hiding outside downtown in The Central West End. Strikingly frigid, the Basilica provides spiritual and physical relief to drained visitors. Sit down in a pew to soak up the air while slipping off your shoes, healing exhausted feet on the freezing marble floor. While temporarily paralyzed with pleasure, look up and around at the blinding gold frescoes and mosaics and brilliant white marble arches surrounding you. The intensity of the bright colors is both beautiful and frightening, as if you’ve prematurely reached Peter’s Pearly Gates. The focal point? The baldacchino: a perfect, mini replica of the Basilica’s main dome’s exterior. Once beside it, looking up at the dome’s vermilion interior provides the Church’s history in the St. Louis area- a necessary and startling reminder of its location as you’ve already been transported from America’s blistering Midwest to mystifying Medieval Europe.

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